OG Image


Learn how to generate JPEG images instead of PNG for Nuxt OG Image.

The default image extension generated by Nuxt OG Image for Satori images is a png.

PNGs are great for most use cases, but they come at the cost of a larger file size.

You can opt-in we can render JPEGs instead of PNG but it requires Sharp. This is disabled by default as Sharp is a heavy dependency and compatibility is limited.

If you're prerendering your images or using a Node based environment, you can enable Sharp to render JPEGs.

For Chromium rendering, jpeg images are rendered by default.


To install Sharp, you need to install the sharp dependency:

pnpm i -D sharp

Now you can change your default extension to either jpeg or jpg.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  ogImage: {
    defaults: {
      extension: 'jpeg',