All the boring SEO work for Nuxt done.

Nuxt SEO is a collection of hand-crafted Nuxt Modules that will make Google (and your marketing team) love you.


Delightful Developer Experience

Full featured modules that do everything you expect and more.

Minimal Config, Maximum Extensibility

Provide a site URL and all modules are good to go. Fully extensible with config and hooks.

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Integration over boilerplate

Modules integrate with themselves as well as Nuxt Content and Nuxt I18n where appropriate.

Up To Date. Always.

Nuxt SEO was started at the end of 2022 and has received continuous bug fixes and feature improvements since then.

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Pass Technical SEO Audits

Nuxt SEO provides you with with all the tools needed to help you pass technical SEO audits on Google Lighthouse.


Loved by Nuxt Developers

Nuxt SEO was built for the community. Here's what some of them have to say.

Ju Nogueira
Ju Nogueira
Nuxt SEO by @harlan_zw. Makes my life a lot easier.
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I have to say that your SEO modules are one of the things that make me stay on Nuxt for every one of my websites.

Thomas ✪
Thomas ✪
Just did schema markup for a whole webshop in 20 minutes cause of @harlan_zw. absolutely gorgeous. Check it out.
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Discord user undefined

Hey man, appreciate all your great work on those Nuxt modules. I'm using Nuxt SEO and it's awesome! 💪🏻

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