OG Image

Icons and Images

How to use icons and images in your templates.

Nuxt Icon

Nuxt OG Image supports the @nuxt/icon component out of the box.

    <UIcon icon="i-carbon-bot" />

Image Resolution

Image paths must be either relative to the public directory or absolute. It's not possible to bundle images as part of your template.


Provide Width / Height

When no dimensions are set, the package image-size is used to determine the best dimensions for your image.

However, this can be slow and provide incorrect results.

Therefore it's always recommended to provide a width and height when using images.

Likewise when using a background image, make sure the container has set dimensions.

Base64 images Are Quickest

If you're having issues with performance and images, it's recommended to use base64 images.

This will save render time as it won't need to fetch the image.

Avoid Inlining SVGs

Prefer rendering SVGs instead of inlining them within img tags

<!-- ❌ -->
<img src="data:image/svg+xml;base64,..." />
<!-- ✅ -->
  <rect width="24" height="24" />