OG Image

Chromium Renderer

Learn how, when and why to use the Chromium renderer.

Nuxt OG Image comes with two ways of rendering your images, the non-default way is using Chromium to take screenshots.

Using Chromium is only recommended when you are prerendering all of your images.


  • Much easier to create complex designs
  • Render JPEGs without using sharp
  • Page screenshots are simple and saves time


  • Requires a Chromium binary to be installed
  • Much slower than Satori, using it at runtime is not recommended
  • Doesn't work on most hosting providers

Development Chromium

When running in a development environment, a local Chrome / Chromium binary will be used, if available.

If it's not, then the Chromium renderer will be disabled.

Prerenderer / CI Chromium

When prerendering your images in a CI environment, the module will automatically install a Chromium binary for you.

If you'd like to opt-out of this, you should disable the binding.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  ogImage: {
    compatibility: {
      prerender: {
        chromium: false

Runtime Chromium

Chromium will only be enabled by default in runtime environments if you have explicitly included the playwright dependency in your project and the target environment is compatible.

pnpm i -D playwright

Check the compatibility guide for more information.