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NuxtSeo Template

How to customise the default OG Image template.

NuxtSeo Template

The NuxtSeo template is the default one provided for you. It comes with a number of props to let you customise it however you like.

Like all Community templates, it's recommended to copy+paste it into your project if you want to customise it. You can find the source on GitHub.



Type: stringDefault: <title>

The title of the page. This will be used as the main heading.


Type: stringDefault: <meta name="description" />

The description of the page. This will be used as the subheading.


Type: string | booleanDefault: false

The icon of the page. This will be used as the main image. Requires Nuxt Icon to be installed.


Type: stringDefault: Site Name from Nuxt Site Config

Sets the bottom centered text of the template.

Type: string

Replaces the site name and the Nuxt Seo logo with a custom image.

See the Icons and Images guide for more information.


Type: stringDefault: #00dc82

Changes the theme of the template. You should either provide a hexadecimal color or a valid rgb.

For example: #d946ef


Type: light | darkDefault: light

Changes from a light or dark background / text color. Integrates with @nuxtjs/color-mode, selecting your default color mode.