Nuxt Sitemap v4.0.0

Release notes for v4.0.0 of Nuxt Sitemap.


Over the last couple of months I've had many issues reported with similar themes:

  • Dynamic URLs are hard to work with
  • It's difficult to get multiple sitemaps to show the correct URLs
  • I18n has many small issues

I hope this release can resolve these. It has required replacing much of the underlying logic, please test your sitemaps after upgrading.

Features 🚀

🥫 Sitemap Sources

The v4 introduces the official concept of 'sources' to your sitemaps.

Every URL within your sitemap will belong to a source. A source will either be a User source or a Application source.

This concept existed before v4 in different forms, v4 aims to clean them up and make working with them much easier.

For full documentation see Sitemap Sources.

🤝 Nuxt Dev Tools Integration

Nuxt Sitemap now has a dedicated tab in Nuxt Dev Tools to help you debug.


💬 More i18n Improvements

  • Locale domain support (#155)
  • Support pages opt-outed using defineI18nRoute(false) (#126)
  • Only add trusted i18n routes, will use meta tags when prerendering
  • Less aggressive filtering
  • Opt-in to transform dynamic URLs __i18nTransform: true

See the updated i18n documentation

🚀 Caching Improvements

Now utilises native route rules. By default will set up SWR rules for 10 minutes.

Learn more on the Sitemap Caching guide.

Other Improvements

Nitro Composables for better types

When creating an API endpoint that returns URLs you should use the new defineSitemapEventHandler function for full TypeScript support.

// api/sitemap.ts
export default defineSitemapEventHandler(() => {
  return ['/foo']

Prerendering Improvements

Previously prerendering was done in a Node context, this will now run in a Nitro context which will provide better consistency between prerender and runtime environments.

Video Support

Video entries are now supported properly. (#159)

⚠️ Deprecations

  • cacheTtl is deprecated, you should use cacheMaxAgeSeconds which is more explicit.
  • inferStaticPagesAsRoutes is deprecated, if you were using this to opt-out of pages, you should use excludeAppSources: true

☠️ Breaking Changes

Nuxt Hooks no longer supported

If you were using Nuxt hooks to modify the prerendered sitemap, you will need to migrate these to Nitro hooks.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  hooks: {
    // old - no longer supported
    'sitemap:resolved': function (ctx) {},
    'sitemap:output': function (ctx) {}
export default defineNitroPlugin((nitroApp) => {
  nitroApp.hooks.hook('sitemap:output', async (ctx) => {
    // supported!

Multi Sitemap App Sources

By default, app sources will no longer be included in multi sitemap implementations. You will need to use includeAppSources: true to re-enable it. See Extending App Sources for more information.

Removed deprecations

  • The hook sitemap:prerender has been removed. You should use sitemap:resolved instead.
  • The config trailingSlash and siteUrl has been removed. You should use site config, see Setting Site Config.
  • The config autoAlternativeLangPrefixes has been removed. If you'd like to set up automatic alternative language prefixes use __i18nTransform.

Support my work

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