Nuxt SEO

Best Practice Default Meta

The default meta tags Nuxt SEO sets for you.

To ensure your site is SEO friendly, Nuxt SEO sets some default meta tags for you based on your site config.


Ensuring a canonical URL is set helps avoid duplicate content issues when you have multiple domains or subdomains pointing to the same content.

It can also occur when you have multiple URLs for the same page, such as when you don't redirect trailing slashes.

The canonical will be set based on your site config url and the current route.


Google wants you to list the language that any given page is written in as <html lang="<locale>">.

Nuxt SEO will set this for you based on your site config currentLocale and defaultLocale (default en).

If you're using the @nuxtjs/i18n module, then this is automatically set for you.

Open Graph

Providing extra open-graph meta tags helps social media platforms understand your content better.

The following tags are set:

  • og:url - The canonical URL of the page.
  • og:locale - The current locale of the page based on site config currentLocale and defaultLocale.
  • og:site_name - The name of your site based on site config name.

Disable Default Meta

While all default meta is registered with low priority, allowing you to easily override them, you may want to disable them entirely.

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  seo: {
    automaticDefaults: false