Site Config
Getting Started

Install Nuxt Site Config

Get started with Nuxt Site Config by installing the dependency to your project.

Nuxt Site Config is a module for Nuxt modules. While you can install it in your own project, it's recommended to use it in a module.

  1. Install nuxt-site-config dependency to your project:
pnpm i -D nuxt-site-config nuxt-site-config-kit
  1. Use the install function in your module:
import { installNuxtSiteConfig, updateSiteConfig } from 'nuxt-site-config-kit'

export default defineNuxtModule({
  // ...
  async setup(options) {
    await installNuxtSiteConfig()

    // Optional: set some site config from your modules options
    // This is not recommended, only to keep supporting your modules options
      _context: 'my-module',
      url: options.siteUrl,

That's it! Explore the documentation to learn more.