Supported Nodes

The nodes available for Nuxt

The module exposes the officially supported nodes from Unhead Official nodes are ones that have a direct impact on Google Rich Results.

Custom Nodes

If you need to add a node that isn't implemented, then you can provide it yourself.

Custom nodes are just plain objects that follow the specification.

If you'd like to add types, you can use schema-dts.

<script lang="ts" setup>
    '@type': 'DefinedTerm',
    'name': 'Nuxt',
    'description': 'Nuxt is a Nuxt module for adding to your Nuxt app.',
    'inDefinedTermSet': {
      '@type': 'DefinedTermSet',
      'name': 'Nuxt Modules',

Official nodes

The scope for officially supported nodes is those that provide Rich Results within Google.