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Getting Indexed

How to get your site crawled and indexed for the first time by Google.

Just deployed your site to production for the first time? Congrats on the launch! 🚀

The next step will be to get your site appearing on Google, here is some tips on doing that.

Submit Sitemap to Google

The first step is to submit your sitemap to Google.

You can do this by using the Google Search Console. Creating a Google Search Console property is also useful for monitoring your site's performance in search results.

You should submit your sitemap which will either be /sitemap.xml or /sitemap_index.xml.

Request Indexing

Once your sitemap is submitted, you can request indexing of your site. The simplest way to do this is to use the URL Inspection Tool.

If you'd like something more automated, you can use the Request Indexing - a free, open-source tool that I built that allows you to request indexing of your site in bulk.

Good Lighthouse Scores

Google Lighthouse is great for showing you issues on your site that may be affecting your SEO.

It's recommended to fix any issues that Lighthouse shows you, as they can affect your site's performance in search results.

I wouldn't be concerned about getting a perfect score and I wouldn't spend too long on the performance side of Lighthouse, but the other categories are important to get right.

You can use Unlighthouse to get a Lighthouse report for your site. It's a free, open-source tool I made that allows you to get Lighthouse reports for your site in bulk.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. They are one of the most important factors in SEO.

The easiest way to get some initial backlinks on your new site is to share it on social media.

If you use Twitter, you can share your new site link, mention Nuxt SEO and tag me in it @harlan_zw, and I may retweet it for you! 🐦