Nuxt SEO
Migration Guide

v2 Beta to v2 RC

Migrate from the Nuxt SEO v2 beta to the v2 RC.


If you get stuck with the migration or have post-migration bugs, please get in touch!

Package Rename

In moving to the RC release, the package name has changed from @nuxtseo/module to @nuxtjs/seo.

  • 2-beta.x - Nuxt SEO Kit @nuxtseo/module
  • 2-rc.x - Nuxt SEO @nuxtjs/seo
pnpm remove @nuxtseo/module && pnpm i -D @nuxtjs/seo
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [
-  '@nuxtseo/module'
+  '@nuxtjs/seo',

Notable Changes

Sitemap v5

The sitemap module has been updated to v5, which itself included a package rename.

  • 4.x - nuxt-simple-sitemap
  • 5.x - @nuxtjs/sitemap

No changes are required to your config.