Nuxt SEO
Getting Started

What Is Nuxt SEO?

Learn what Nuxt SEO is and how it can help you with your Nuxt site.

Nuxt SEO is both a collection of modules and a module itself. The Nuxt SEO module is all the SEO modules combined into one that is guaranteed to work well together.

There is no right or wrong way to use Nuxt SEO. It's designed to be flexible and work however you need it to.

To minimise config and ensure the modules work well together, Nuxt Site Config is installed automatically when using any of the modules.

Nuxt SEO Module

Using @nuxtjs/seo instead of the modules individually will provide you with:

  • Less boilerplate and configuration to manage.
  • Stability among the module versions.

As well as:

Best Practice Default Meta

  • Canonical URLs will be automatically generated for all pages.
  • Description and open-graph meta tags will be set for you. See Default Meta for more information.

Enhanced Titles

  • Ensures that every page has a title by generating one from the last slug segment. See the Fallback Title guide for more information.
  • Sets a default title template for you with your site name.
  • Easily generate site-wide breadcrumb using the useBreadcrumbItems composable.
  • Integrates with Nuxt I18n and Nuxt
  • Plugs directly into Nuxt UI Breadcrumb