Nuxt SEO
Getting Started


Frequently asked questions about Nuxt SEO.

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When will Nuxt SEO be stable?

The target for a stable release is March 2024.

Want to make it happen quicker? Help by providing feedback or by sponsoring the project.

Can I just use the modules separately?

Yes! Nuxt SEO is designed to be flexible and work however you need it to.

Why does my production build go up so much?

Nuxt SEO includes many features that only run on the server. These server-side features can increase the size of your production build by a few megabytes, but won't affect the performance of your site as the modules are lazy loaded.

If the production build size is a concern, you can disable the modules you don't need. The OG Image module contributes the most significant amount, you can disable it with ogImage: { enabled: false }.

What happened To Nuxt Seo Kit?

The Nuxt SEO Kit module was the initial version of Nuxt SEO.

While it generally worked great for some users, it was only useful for server-side generated Nuxt Sites and in turn its feature set was much more limited.

It has been deprecated in favour of the new Nuxt SEO module.

See the migration guide for more information.